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A lately concluded double-blind placebo controlled trial of the natural supplement Sutherlandia OPC has showed what thousands of customers already knew – Sutherlandia OPC is one hundred% effective in reversing HIV signs and symptoms.

In the article “Success Against Cancer and HIV in South Africa” I said how the Sutherlandia OPC supplement from South Africa designed by way of South African HIV and cancer crusader and researcher Marc Swanepoel were clearly 100% successful in stabilizing and reversing HIV symptoms and over ninety% a hit in opposition to a huge variety of cancers.

As a result of this achievement with numerous hundred people during the last nearly four years, early this 12 months Mr. Swanepoel devised and helped conduct a small scale medical trial to measure the effectiveness of his supplement substances – the common oleander plant, Nerium Oleander, and the “South Africa Cancer Bush” Sutherlandia Frutescens – towards HIV at a widely known Johannesburg AIDS hospital.

The scientific trial has just concluded with effects as spectacular as the preceding reports: All of the HIV sufferers stepped forward notably whereas all the placebo institution persevered to decline.

In the path, a double blind, placebo controlled examine, the 20 members had been patients attending the AIDS clinic and that they had been no longer on any unique diets. The herbal complement mix was given to 1/2 of the patients in a commercially to be had soy/milk product which had delivered vitamins delivered. The patients receiving the placebo got handiest the soy/milk and vitamins without the natural blend. None of the sufferers knew what they had been getting. Throughout the trial, sufferers in both companies had blood exams executed via registered pathology labs to degree blood stages of CD4.

From Mr. Swanepoel’s Summary:

Results and Findings

Three of the people within the placebo institution withdrew due to non-stop deterioration in their circumstance. In all three instances this passed off in the first 30 days of beginning at the placebo. They were given the selection of taking anti-retrovirals or the real natural mixture without taking part inside the relaxation of the take a look at. Two chose to take anti-retrovirals while the third one decided to take the actual mixture. From the Tables and Graphs it could be visible that the institution that had obtained the Herbal Mixture had a median CD4 matter boom of 135 at the same time as the placebo organization had an average CD4 rely decrease of 87.

The following categorical statement can consequently be made: An natural aggregate of Sutherlandia Frutescens and Oleander Nerium is effective in growing the CD4 counts of HIV-effective people with initial CD4 counts of much less than 400 in a meaningful way over a 60-day period.

It is also huge that the liver enzymes, which are signs of possible liver harm after they preserve on going higher, were reduced or strong in all the participants who acquired the natural aggregate. Apart from a little little bit of preliminary diarrhea, there had been also no unfavourable activities in the institution which acquired the natural combination. On the opposite hand, three participants in the placebo organization withdrew from the study because of deterioration of their circumstance. Two of them opted to move onto anti-retrovirals whilst the third chose to move onto the herbal aggregate.

The individual with the lowest boom in Clínica de Reabilitação em Suzano CD4 depend inside the institution which received the natural aggregate had a notable recovery. When he started on the observe, he turned into fortunate sufficient to draw the herbal mixture. At the time he become on crutches and could rarely walk. He changed into suffering from tuberculosis and he had sores on his feet and throughout his frame. Within to a few weeks he commenced enhancing and by using the end of the 60 day length, he was up and about and not using a medical signs of AIDS. His tuberculosis has progressed dramatically and his improvement become followed after the 60-day period. His CD4 depend has improved constantly and he may be very constructive that he has had a complete recuperation.


The records indicates simply that the natural combination that changed into used in the have a look at resulted in a dramatic improvement of the taking part AIDS sufferers who acquired it. While the placebo organization persisted to deteriorate, the CD4 counts of the organization receiving the aggregate increased and their liver enzymes stabilized. The Null Hypothesis became for this reason proved wrong and the Research Hypothesis became proven to be real. The observe confirmed that an natural combination inclusive of Sutherlandia Frutescens and Nerium Oleander is powerful in increasing the CD4 counts of HIV-nice people who have a CD4 count under 400 and who’re showing scientific signs and symptoms of AIDS. It additionally showed that this development took place with out inflicting any liver harm and that liver enzymes of participating people progressed or stabilized all through the take a look at length.

The whole trial file with charts may be downloaded and viewed at the following link: